Conflux is lighting for the modern office environment. Designed by Carl Gustav Magnusson to maximize the use of advanced LED technology and blend seamlessly into any workspace, this Teknion creation raises the bar for contract lighting.

And yes, it’s official: We’re obsessed with Conflux. Here’s why:

Love at first LED

  • Good-bye shadows: Micro-etched light guide diffuses light over large areas
  • Only 9W of power required to generate 800 LUX of lighting. Hello, lower energy costs and smaller environmental footprint!
  • Passive Infrared (PIR) technology senses the body’s radiant heat, resolving “false” shut-downs that occur with motion-sensor lighting

Little Conflux light, big Conflux impact

  • Classic design meets sustainable principles: Visual emphasis on simplicity and precision, crafted with minimal components and an elegant mix of materials
  • Customize your Conflux experience with a height-adjustable stem, blade pivot and adjustable light intensity
  • Use it throughout the office as a desk lamp, floor lamp or under-shelf lamp

Equally, Conflux is engineered to reduce costs and generate minimal waste. As a PVC-free and lead-free product, Conflux is 99 percent recyclable by weight. It emits no harmful ultra-violet light and doesn’t contain hazardous materials such as mercury, which is present in fluorescent lighting and CFL bulbs. With a GREENGUARD certification and pending Energy Star approval, Conflux is the lighting solution we’ve been dreaming of: beautiful, practical and sustainable.