Designed with different body shapes and work modes in-mind, RBT is the chair for the modern workforce. Built with Responsive Back Technology, RBT responds and conforms to each users’ size and back shape. This technology also promotes healthy posture and dynamic movement throughout the work day.

RBT designers Zooey Chu and Gary Bacon of Synergy Product Development designed the chair to harmonize visually with its user. As a result, RBT’s silhouette is reminiscent of the human body. Its chair back is comprised of an aluminum support structure and a user back interface of ribs and linkages. These components flex automatically to mirror the shape of the user’s spine and support a range of seated postures.

“RBT represents an evolutionary leap in seated comfort and support for people of varying shapes and sizes,” Chu says. “With the functionality and adjustability of a fully featured synchro-tilt task chair, its articulating, highly dynamic and responsive back adds superior comfort to task seating.”

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