Teknion Thesis Learning Tables

Twenty-first century technology has significantly changed the ways in which we learn and teach. Laptops and tablets have replaced paper and pen, and traditional lectures and presentations are giving way to facilitated and interactive dialogue.

Similar to recent changes seen in modern workplace design, brick and mortar educational settings are receiving an interior facelift to reflect the change in technology and the new work processes that are evolving. The one-size-fits-all classroom design has been tossed out the window.  Today, it’s all about environments that can be easily modified to accommodate collaborative group efforts or heads-down independent study.

This shift in the way we learn and interact is recognized by Teknion’s Thesis learning and library tables.  Here are four ways Thesis is inspiring a new way of learning and teaching in the classroom and at the office:

  1. Integrated technologies such as a tablet/laptop/book holder, power sources and data connections mean you can work or study to your heart’s content without losing battery power or elbow room. 
  2. LED lamps with automatic shut off emphasize sustainability and shed light on your notes without disturbing your neighbor or casting a glare on your laptop screen.
  3. Flexible options include casters for mobility, dividers and screens for privacy, ADA extensions and table links.
  4. Thumbs-up for new accessories including cup holders for your beverage of choice, footrests, and hooks for backpacks and coats.

Thesis Collage