Modular. Adaptable. Versatile. Organic.

These are the first few words that popped into our heads after seeing Teknion Studio’s new Fractals™ Seating Group.

Designed by Jeffrey Bernett and Nicholas Dodziuk, Fractals™ is comprised of three simple pieces:  a lounge chair, an ottoman/bench and a settee, all with low-back or high-back options.

Why only three pieces?  Fractals™ was designed with two very important principles in mind in order to meet the needs of forward-thinking environments and eliminate the need for surplus:

  1. Support the worker and groups of workers in open and collaborative environments.
  2. Provide an interchangeable program that creates a new level of planning.

The seating surfaces are comfortable and wide enough to easily sit with a laptop or tablet.  The elements can work alone or together in clusters to provide a clear sense of space and varying levels of privacy.  Opt for the high-back version for additional seclusion, or go with the lo-back version to keep things open and spacious.

Combine the three elements in a (nearly) infinite number of arrangements that can be moved over and over to construct an environment to suit the situation.  Choose from a wide range of fabrics to bring color and texture into the mix – the back, seat and bolster can all be finished in a different fabric.  (The options never seem to end!)

Teknion Fractals Seating Group copy