Your workspaces profoundly impact the performance of employees, the growth of a company, and the value of the brand. Apex Facility Resources understands that your work environment is an asset; we create simple solutions for complex workspace problems with expertise, creativity, and innovation.

Apex Facility Resources was founded by Marlaine McCauley in 1997, with a focus on blended furniture solutions to promote multi-use and sustainability. This pioneering spirit and forward-thinking focus have been the backbone of Apex’s development. Over the past 25 years, Apex has grown into a leading workspace transition partner, delivering results for companies in healthcare, tech, education, and business.

Our sustained success lies in the comprehensive selection of products and services for commercial interiors we provide as an unaligned dealer. Businesses value our integrated, single-source process because it eliminates the use of multiple vendors while ensuring that we deliver on time and within budget. By serving as a trusted partner, we provide our clients guaranteed added value and peace of mind.


Apex improves the lives of others by delivering innovative workspace solutions built for the changes ahead.


We integrate high-touch service and innovative products to deliver high-performance workspaces. These are workspaces that are physically adaptable, culturally attuned, and sustainable. When people are empowered to choose where best to get their work done, they are more productive. By providing various options for your team, you will improve performance and strengthen your culture.


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