Seattle's Best Kept B2B Secret

by Apex Facility - 11/22/2016
Seattle's Best Kept B2B Secret

Seattle’s best kept business-to-business (B2B) secret is out! Apex Facility Resources is shouting from the rooftops about our integrated services. As Seattle’s leading workspace transition experts, we deliver a tailored package to manage all our customers’ workspace changes.

What Does Apex Do?

Apex Facility Resources has developed a unique method to support our customer’s varied workspace transition needs. We offer a single-source approach, which simplifies the complexities of the process and saves time and money. This allows our customers to keep their focus on their business. The following are six of our services that are fundamental to managing workplace change:

  • - Space Planning
  • - Office Furnishing
  • - Voice & Data Cabling
  • - Commercial Relocation 
  • - Space Decommissioning
  • - Asset Management 

Apex’s Philosophy

At Apex, we follow a three-pillar philosophy developed by our entire organization, that supports the success of every project. These pillars are the underlying foundation to Apex’s success and progress.

Trusted Partner Status

We bring together Facility Management subject matter experts (SME’s) to partner with you to plan and execute workspace moves, adds and changes. We do this by holistically addressing all aspects of your workspace lifecycle, to deliver the right workspace every day.

Value Through Integration

Most of our customers require multiple vendors to accomplish their workspace transition projects. The old process of sourcing the vendors, getting quotes, and coordinating each of them is time consuming and costly! That’s why Apex has over 16 different services to offer our customers. Our value is in the integration of our services: we give our customers a one-stop solution for their project.

Peace of Mind

At Apex, the customer always comes first. We set up our customers for success through our variety of services and our expertise in the industry. Our “single source” approach reduces the stress to the customer and the organization. Our quality products, subject matter experts, and integrated services combine to earn your trust and ultimately bring you satisfaction and peace of mind.

How do I get in on this secret?

Easy! Simply call our offices and one of our support representatives will talk to you about your goals, and connect you with the team member best-suited to assist with your project! 206.686.3357

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