Retention of Talent

Creating a strong culture is an important element for companies looking to set themselves apart from their competitors. The modern workforce is looking for more out of their jobs than just salary. They want to work for companies that align with their values, can accommodate a variety of workstyles, and have relaxed, collaborative environments that foster creativity and productivity. Workspace design has become a critical factor to attracting and retaining talent.


How to Attract Talent:

Company Culture


Ideal candidate


Flexible workspace


Workplace culture

There’s beauty in the workings of a high-functioning team, where all members are firing on all cylinders, where creativity and productivity merge, and work product keeps improving. It almost seems to be an unidentifiable magic when it works. In actuality, those rarified teams are the product of creating a well-defined identity, clearly communicating expectations, and finding employees who identify and find meaning within your culture.

One of the most satisfying dimensions of the work Apex does with clients is to identify their company culture and work to strengthen it by providing staff the tools they need in order to do their best work. This isn’t limited to just the office! Whether your company has gone fully-remote or is just beginning to offer flexible work locations to its team members, it is important to consider how it may impact the way everyone is able to collaborate.

Facilitating conversations between employees from different departments or backgrounds requires a little encouragement. Collaboration happens most frequently within thoughtfully planned environments. We know human beings need space to roam, to interact, and to create. Our creativity guide has great tips for  how to get your employees “unstuck.”

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Another pivotal part of your company culture is identifying what traits make someone successful at your company. Our VP, Matt Watson, did a deep dive into the DNA of Apex. Read about his process for tips to identify your own DNA.

Here’s a few examples of our company culture:

We love to volunteer! Most recently our team came together to help NAIOP refresh space for Mary’s Place. We participated in a “digital detox” for the National Day of Unplugging. Follow us for more great snapshots of our company culture! Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook