How much office space do you need?

We all know how confusing it can be figuring out how much office space you are going to need; either too much or too little can be ultimately hurt your budget and affect your business performance. 

Whether you are planning an office move or re-configuring your existing office space, it's important to have a clear understanding of your office space requirements. Our interactive office space calculator enables you to quickly and easily calculate the amount of office space you are going to need. You'll simply input the number of employees, individual offices and meeting rooms required, and the the calculator will do the rest.

Our office space calculator will help you to:
  • Quickly calculate your office space requirements
  • Ensure you end up in an office that best suits your needs
  • Allocate the right amount of office space per employee
  • Maximize every single square foot of office space for optimum efficiency and cost savings
  • Estimate your expected growth plans and ensure they are accounted for when calculating your size requirements

Understanding how much office space you are going to need is an essential part of making sure your company ends up in the right property that supports a healthy and productive work environment.

Download Office Space Calculator