Much of the ebb and flow of office and facilities management activity can be streamlined using our software application.

The days when the office manager needs to do a walk around the office, clipboard in hand, counting work stations, documenting who sits where, or locating an open seat for a new hire are rapidly going away.

With our digital platform, many of the mundane, repetitive tasks of workplace management and optimization can be handled remotely on a desktop or mobile device. Automated tracking, ticketing, and report generation help managers optimize workspace while simultaneously optimizing their own time.

With the use of Office Space, an integrated workplace management system, now you can: 

  • Easily find where people are sitting with your phone
  • Request building services when and where the issue arises   
  • Reserve meeting rooms, workspaces, or shared resources 
  • Utilize workspace management tools to easily plan moves and new hire arrangements 
  • Access helpful facility reports – space utilization, operations, custom reports from workspace data