Employees: 200+

Location: Bellevue, WA

Square Footage: 44,000

Architect: JPC Architects LLC

Contractor: Ellsworth Builders Inc

Interior Graphics: Image Mill

Coinstar has been using the power of technology to turn coins into cash, gift cards, and charitable donations since they were founded in 1989. When they decided to relocate their corporate headquarters to a new building in Bellevue, WA they chose Apex to be their workplace transition partner.

We worked with the Coinstar team to strategically plan and implement their new headquarters. We outfitted 175 workstations, private offices, conference rooms, collaboration spaces, breakrooms, phone booths, ergonomic accessories, and seating to create a cohesive and functional new space with a focus on ergonomics and employee wellbeing.

Manufacturers Used:
  • AIS
  • Room
  • SitOnIt
  • Ideon
  • OFS
“Working with Coinstar was great! Their leadership was hyper-focused on creating the right space for their employees and how they work. A ton of thought and energy went into the final workstation design. Before deciding on their final planning style, they had us mock up a couple of different versions for the employees to try out and give feedback on. It was awesome to see a company giving their employees a voice in the process.”

- Danielle Goetsch, Business Development Executive