Savers: Clothing Thrift & Vintage Store

  • 40 Hard Offices

  • 131 Workstations

  • 6 Conference Rooms

  • Location: Bellevue, Wa


Our team worked with Savers to decommission their previous office and start fresh with a colorful, fun, and collaborative workspace for their employees to return to after working remotely for the past few years. They worked with our designers to create a space that suited multiple work styles for their employees. These spaces included private areas to focus, benching for collaboration, open spaces for socializing, and workstations that allowed the team to work side by side and learn from each other.  

In the span of three weeks, Apex worked cohesively with Savers to receive, deliver, and install a variety of workspace solutions that created a space to suit all of their needs while highlighting their unique culture and commitment to staying thrifty!



  • AIS
    • Beams
    • Conference Tables
    • Divi Panel System
    • Height Adjustable Tables 
    • Lounge Seating
    • Oxygen Benching 
  • Sit On It
    • Movi & Focus Chairs
  • ezoBord
    • Screens
  • Great Openings
    • Lockers