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We take a 'solutions first' approach. We openly engage with manufacturers to ensure we have access to the widest range of solutions to support any need. Different brands bring a variety of items, value, and ideal use-cases.

As an unaligned dealer, we offer a full range of workspace products, including office furnishings, ergonomic accessories, architectural products, office seating, and storage solutions. Our focus is to always deliver the most flexible workspace solutions for our clients, solutions that recognize the four work modes, adapt to the changes in company cultures, and respond to the various challenges businesses encounters.

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Art and Accessories

While the small details that finish off a particular space are the last elements to be put in place, they’re often the first things that get noticed. Sometimes people can’t quite put their finger on why a particular workspace or office feels right – or wrong. Lighting, color, visual art and graphics, the orientation of the furniture, and many other details accumulate and impact how we experience a space.

While the specific purpose of a space or work area will determine what functional accessories are needed to be most productive, we also consider the environment as a whole. Lighting dynamics, colors, branded elements – whether graphics or unique surface treatments – can all contribute to making your space more “your own” and a place your people thrive.

Ergonomic Solutions

The science around ergonomics is quite definitive. An environment that adapts to the needs of your people reduces stress and increases well-being. You may have heard the expression, “Sitting is the new smoking.” Standing all day isn't ideal either. Our favorite solution, "The best position is the next position." We keep up on the research and latest developments in the field: when people have options about how, where, and in what position they do their work, it increases productivity.

We are experts at incorporating ergonomic solutions into any office setting, whether it’s elevating monitors, properly adjusted seating, or even sound-dampening accessories. If your people want to sit, stand, lean, or perch, we offer the latest seating, adjustable-height desks, and worktables to help them work in ways that feel healthy, productive, and in control.

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New Furniture

Experience the benefits of a dealer with access to a wide spectrum of brands to customize your furniture solutions. Apex is not contracted with a specific manufacturer, therefore we are free to recommend a variety of solutions to any given space – or budgetary – requirement. You never have to worry that we are pushing a specific brand.

There are many commercial furnishing companies in the market – some have been industry leaders for years, while others are trailblazing new solutions rooted in new work styles. We have found that most often, the solution to our client's challenges is a hybrid one: a mix of high-end and mid-tier, new and used, and even custom pieces. Visit our product pages to see our offerings.

Used Furniture

Many industries we serve experience a rapid rate of change. The upside is that pre-owned furnishings are an abundant resource. In fact, it’s not uncommon for us to have pieces in stock that were purchased but never installed.

When we redirect used pieces back into active use, we keep them out of the landfill.  While this inventory is unpredictable, tapping into this after-market is a great way to manage costs and promote sustainability.