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We design for flexibility and change! Our experience in providing workspace transition services gives us a unique perspective when planning a new workspace. We work with you to discover how your people engage with technology so you can support various workstyles to enable full utilization of your space.

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Our team of subject matter experts uses a proven process to execute your project on time and on budget.

Apex Project Managers have a wealth of knowledge and will ensure your workspace project is successful. As the single point of contact for vendors, the schedule, and inevitable changes, we are accountable for every step of the process. Whether moving a full office or decommissioning a space, the Apex team has you covered.


Your workspace is a place to maximize performance and optimize space utilization. The right strategy begins with understanding how your people work: the patterns and potential opportunities. Identify what you want to achieve. Is it enhanced creativity? More collaboration? Improved productivity? We help you to drive strategy to create your results.

A well-defined workspace strategy is connected to your overall business strategy and puts you in a better position to deal with unforeseen changes. It can help attract and retain the best talent, and ultimately improve your organization’s overall performance. We help companies create flexible, efficient workspaces that optimize the growth of their employees and space.

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High-performance workspaces – especially open offices – require an effective cabling and installation plan to ensure the integrity of the overall communication infrastructure.

By designing power, data cabling, and furniture plans concurrently, we save project time and avoid costly surprises.


We take a hands-on approach and believe in planning that supports how people actually work and live in a space.

Past workplaces and office styles are no longer as relevant. Employees need a workspace that creates opportunities to roam, interact, and create. As an extension of the strategy, we plan environments that are inclusive of your culture and conducive to its growth. Rather than planning to maximize square footage, we plan to maximize your team’s satisfaction and support them in achieving their goals.

We create spaces based on your company’s growth plans, IT infrastructure, cross-departmental collaboration, team structure, and goals. Creating specific outcomes defined in the planning strategy is our specialty.

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