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Delivering successful moves from inception to fruition. We understand that a move is an opportunity to create something new – for your people, your culture, and your industry. As a leading office moving company, Apex orchestrates moves to minimize the chaos, disruption, and lost productivity that can occur when the pre-move plan or post-move punch lists aren’t handled properly. We’re known for our flawless service delivery and streamlined process, executed by our highly trained professionals. 



When it comes time for lease surrender, details like cable wrecking, used furniture decommissioning, and return of the office space in acceptable condition can be burdensome details. Few clients have the bandwidth or the desire to work with multiple vendors to handle network disconnect, patch and paint repairs, or flooring repair or replacement.

Our team has decommissioning experts who eliminate the “hassle tax” that is included in every lease surrender or decommission. We also ensure that your furniture and electronics are handled sustainably. 

Receive, Deliver, & Install

The Apex team understands that the proper delivery and installation of business furnishings can be critical, therefore we provide complete delivery and installation for all furniture, fixtures, & equipment (FF&E). We carefully receive, inspect, deliver, and install furniture for office, hospitality, residential, and healthcare projects of any size. 

By offering integrated services to simplify each stage of growth, our team allows you to create a smarter workspace built for the changes ahead.


R D & I


The average workplace changes in unpredictable ways. In fact, 18 months is the industry standard timeframe for when most companies need to recalibrate.

Workspaces reflect the work being done, as well as the people doing the work - and the style of both are changing. With the growth in demand for talent, our clients consider their ability to respond to these changes a competitive advantage.

Our team maintains a current understanding of our clients' businesses, their people, and their workstyle preferences, to ensure we are able to step in quickly. Whether it is with surplus furniture from our warehouse or a quick reconfiguration to allow for more collaboration, we can provide the benefits of more usable space without the additional cost of an actual move.


An office move transpires in hours, minutes, and seconds. Our meticulously structured move plan ensures an efficient execution and saves money and downtime.

We strive to provide our clients with peace of mind at every step of a move. Because of our broad expertise and wrap-around services, we simplify what can be a complicated, expensive, and nerve-wracking experience.

The quality of our people, services, and expert attention to detail mitigates the risk of  loss of time, resources, or employee productivity. We invest in our people, conduct rigorous hiring practices, and bring together high-quality crew members. In addition, we cross-train our crew to become experts in multiple relocation disciplines. This investment in our crew streamlines our services and reduces potential downtime for our clients.

Onsite Services (1)
Technology Services

Every company integrates technology on some level. From disconnect and reconnect services all the way out to data center relocation, our people have the skills to deliver results. 

Our clients depend on us to minimize technology downtime and to be up to speed on the latest systems and best practices. Additionally, we are adept at meeting legal requirements to guarantee and document the security of sensitive data or items.

Our technology specialists include a network of consultants, installation experts and specialty cabling teams, all of whom bring extensive experience in professional design, installation, security, operations, and post-warranty support for all your technical needs.