Unico Properties is a real estate investor and full-service operator focused on office and multifamily assets in the Pacific Northwest. Among their work, Unico has designed, financed, built, and leased some of the most noteworthy high-rise office buildings in downtown Seattle.

With the burgeoning economy and tech landscape, Seattle’s commercial rental market has become increasingly competitive. In an arena that’s quickly changing to accommodate customer’s flexible needs, Unico wanted to find a way for the Logan Building to stand out and lease up.

How We Helped

Apex partnered with Unico to transform one of Logan’s vacant offices into a market-ready space. Similar to the goals of staging a home, the staged office allows prospective tenants to visualize the potential of the space; accentuating the property’s positive attributes.

When designing the space, showcasing workplace optimization and varying design styles were key. Apex created a modern and flexible environment, including several groupings of workstations, a conference room, reception area, private office, glass modular walls, and sophisticated finishes (featuring all AIS products).

Instead of looking at an empty area and wondering what to do with it, tenants could now see their team’s setting up shop in the space.

Apex Results

The market-ready workspace has helped Unico lease empty offices quicker, enhance property attractiveness, and, most importantly, provide a positive tenant experience.

Dan Novack, Property Manager at Unico reflects, "We find some tenants have difficulty looking at a floor plan or office shell and picturing the transformation into a finished space. The Logan Building's market-ready workspace helps make that connection. In result, we've experienced better tours, more leases, and a quicker turnaround. It's been a great collaboration with Apex."